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Woman’s K450,000 vanishes

POLICE in Solwezi are investigating a case in which thieves allegedly stole cash amounting to US$50,000 (about K450,000) and 55,000 Angolan Kwanza

(about K2,800) from an Angolan business woman.
North-Western Province commissioner of police Auxensio Daka said in an interview yesterday that Eva Manuele, 50, was robbed while on a business trip from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.
The incident happened between 22:30 hours on Monday and 00:30 hours on Tuesday at Solwezi Main Bus Station.
“The money was stolen from her handbag while she was sleeping in a bus she was travelling in to Chavuma border, en route to Angola. The complainant is a business woman in Angola and was coming from Dar es Salaam from a business trip,” Mr Daka said.
The woman has since left for Angola, while police have continued with investigations which point to a man who was travelling to Zambezi on the same bus but was nowhere to be seen when the journey resumed.