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Woman wins custody

THE Matero Local Court granted custody to a 39-year-old woman because young children require motherly love.
Juliet Mwape sued Simon Chisha, 42, of Zani-Muone area for child custody after noticing that her children were being ill-treated by their step-mother.
She told the court that Chisha does not allow her to see her two daughters and threatens to kill her whenever she attempts to visit her children.
“I’m the one who buys clothes and school uniforms for the children. His wife beats up my children.  One of them even has scars on her body. When I visited my children one day they cried terribly and followed me to my house.  They refused to go back to their father’s house,” she said.
Chisha however refused to give up his children claiming they were well looked after.
He told Senior Court Magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba that if Mwape is granted custody, the daughters will not have a good upbringing.
However, the court granted Mwape, ordering Chisha to pay K400 monthly as child maintenance.

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