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Woman walks out of polygamous marriage

POLYGAMOUS marriages may work for some people but not in the case of a Lusaka house wife of Kamwala South Township who begged the Chawama Local Court to dissolve her 13-year-old marriage due to her husband’s habit of marrying every woman he likes.
Febby Mulenga told Senior Court Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa, Gaston Kalala and Mubukwano Matakala that her husband Martin Chishimba, 33, of the same township has an insatiable love for women.Mulenga sued Chishimba for divorce. She said the two got married in 2001 in Kawambwa district and have four children together. Bride price was paid.
But Chishimba said he was no longer interested in Mulenga because she was talkative and disrespectful to him as a husband and father.Mulenga said Chishimba was a good husband when they were living in Kawambwa until they moved to Lusaka. She said in Lusaka, Chishimba decided to marry another woman.“I accepted the other woman because he is my husband and I thought that was what he wanted. But instead he decided he didn’t want me anymore and took me back to my parents in the village,” she said.
She said they later reconciled and Chishimba asked her to return to Lusaka. However, when she returned, she found that he had another girlfriend who he had even impregnated.
“It seems two wives weren’t enough for him because he had to go and have an affair with another woman. When I found out about it and confronted him, he told me that he wanted to marry that woman as well,” Mulenga said.
She said he then got involved with yet another woman from Chainda township whom he said he wanted to marry. Unfortunately, for him that woman turned out to be a married woman.
“I ignored that as well. I later travelled to the village only to find he had married another woman and had even moved out of our matrimonial home. When I confronted him he told me the marriage was over,” Mulenga said.
Mulenga told the court that although he visits the children frequently, he has stopped supporting them financially and paying their school fees.
“We are still sexually intimate and make love each time he visits. But when it comes to providing for his children, he gives me K100 to pay rentals, pay school fees and buy food for our children aged between 13 and 5,” she said.
However, Chishimba said Mulenga was an excuse of a wife in the way she treated him a man and husband.
“My parents warned me against marrying her but I did not listen; I found out the hard way. She has a foul mouth. Apart from insulting them, she would insult me as well. Sometimes, she would accuse me of having an affair with our daughter,” he said.
Chishimba who did not try to deny Mulenga’s accusations about being a womaniser said as far he was concerned, their marriage ended when he took her back to her parents’ home the first time early this year.
“There is nothing between us; she has just failed to accept that it is over. I have moved on, I have even re-married. I pay rent for her because she is looking after our children,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Chishimba to pay Mulenga K6, 000 as compensation with an initial payment of K500 August monthend to be followed by K350 monthly.
Chishimba, who was given custody of their two older children, was also ordered to pay K300 monthly as child maintenance starting August for his two younger children. The court ordered the couple to share equally property acquired together.

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