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Woman to pay neighbour for witchfraft accusation

A SIXTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe has narrated before the Kamfinsa local court how her neighbour accused her of practising witchcraft

and threatened to burn her alive by torching her house.
This was in a case in which Elizabeth Banda sued Evelyn Chisenga, 30, for defamation of character before Kamfinsa senior local court magistrate Vincent Sondwapo.
Banda narrated before the court that she received a call from her granddaughter who told her that Chisenga was insulting in their compound, accusing her of bewitching her family.
She told the court that when she came back home, she decided not to confront Chisenga but was surprised to hear her repeat the accusations when her granddaughter went to fetch water at her premises.
Banda narrated that Chisenga called her a witch, who is about to start bewitching her own family.
She said Chisenga also accused her of wanting to bewitch her family once she finished dealing with her family.
“I was shocked to hear Chisenga call me a witch when I have never even wronged her in anyway,” Banda said.
She said Chisanga also threatened to torch her house while she was inside, which has made her to start fearing for her life.
But Chisenga refuted the allegations and said on the material day when Banda’s granddaughter was fetching water, she was arguing with her sister and that the words spoken were directed at her sibling.
Magistrate Sondwapo observed that Chisenga defamed Banda because it was not the first time that she had made the defamatory remarks.
He ordered Chisenga to compensate Banda with K1, 500 to be paid in instalments of K200 per month.

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