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Woman sues hubby over insatiable sex appetite

WHILE conjugal rights are meant to be enjoyed by both husband and wife, a Lusaka woman has complained that she can no longer tolerate her husband’s insatiable appetite for sex.
Faith Miti, 28, told the Chawama local court that love making sessions with her husband Moffatt Miti, 38, who is fond of using traditional sexual-enhancing drugs, normally last for seven hours.
Faith complained to senior court magistrate Gaston Kalala that she does not enjoy making love with Moffatt because apart from being left bruised, he demands for sex every day and will not allow her to rest.
Faith of Makeni Township was testifying in a case in which she sued Moffatt of the same township for divorce. The two got married in 2009 and have two children together. Bride price was paid.
“The major problem with my husband is that he loves to drink those traditional sexual enhancing drugs and when he takes the same herbs, he is like a man possessed.
When we start making love at 23:00 hours, he will only break off at around 03:00hours to drink water then resume until 07:00 in the morning when he has to start preparing for work. Sometimes, he won’t stop even when our children have woken up since we sleep in the same room,” she said.
She said when she complains that it is inhuman to make love like animals; he says that she has no right to dictate when they should make love because he is the one who provides food and shelter for her and their children.
Faith told the court that despite his hectic sessions, Moffatt was also a womaniser who usually takes his girls home with no regard for her as his wife.
“Last month, he came home around 23:00hours with a woman. I wasn’t aware he had come home with someone until he told me that he would spend the night at the neighbour’s place which did not make sense. He then got our blanket,” she said.
She decided to follow him and caught him in the act with another woman.
“He confessed that the woman was his girlfriend then dragged me to our house and beat me in the presence of our children. He then bundled my clothes and beddings and set everything on fire. I was only rescued by our landlord’s son,” she said.
But Moffatt told the court that Faith was the reason he was  womanising because she would give him conditions on when they would make love.
“She always wanted us to make love twice a week and only one round. That is the reason I resorted to having extra marital affairs to satisfy my sexual urges. But I still love her and I don’t want our marriage dissolved,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Moffatt to pay Faith K7, 000 in monthly instalments of K350 starting January monthend. Moffatt was also ordered to pay K350 monthly as child maintenance starting January monthend. The couple was advised to share property acquired together equally.