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Woman sues for short-lived marriage

A WOMAN of Lusaka has dragged her former husband to court claiming damages for mental torture and stress for having married her for only

five months just for the purpose of having a child.
According to a statement of claim filed in the High Court, Dyness Katongo has sued Davis Mbasela claiming damages for mental torture, stress and gaining pecuniary advantage of and having a child with her.
Ms Katongo claims that the two got married at New Life Revival Church in Lusaka’s John Laing on July 9 last year, and that on December 12, Mr Mbasela took her to court seeking divorce which was granted.
She claims that Mr Mbasela only married her to have a child with her and that, therefore, he allegedly gained pecuniary advantage when she got pregnant last year and delivered a baby in May this year.
Ms Katongo is claiming damages for allegedly bringing her name into public ridicule, odium and loss of reputation that she was only married for five months after a wedding ceremony later divorced after five months.
She is also claiming damages for allegedly taking pecuniary advantage of her and getting her into marriage for the purpose of having a child which she says was maliciously done.

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