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Woman sues brother-in-law for marriage interference

IN what seemed like a typical case of a woman scorned, a Lusaka woman of Kuku township has sued her brother-in-law claiming he had a hand in the break-down of her marriage.
Tabitha Mutokambali, 47, a teacher told senior court magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Mubukwanu Matakala that her husband’s brother, Duncan Khupe, 59, seemed to have contributed to the dissolution of her marriage.
Mutokambali was narrating in a case in which she sued Khupe of Chazanga Township for compensation for insults. Mutokambali was married to Khupe’s brother until recently when he took her back to her parents’ home.
She said problems between herself and Khupe started when she discovered a text message in her husband’s phone from his girlfriend. She said after an argument with her husband, he walked out on her and spent four days away from their matrimonial home.
“I was not well the time he left but shockingly, he never even bothered to check up on me. I decided to check with Khupe hoping to find him there but he was rude to me. He asked me why I could be looking for my husband at his place. So I left,” she said.
After 11 days had elapsed and her husband had still not communicated, Mutokambali said she decided to vacate from the rented house into her house because she had no money for rentals.
“I then sent Khupe a text message that if he had a hand in the break-down of my marriage, God should forgive him. He did not reply to my text but called a day or two later and started insulting me. So I have brought him here because I want him to compensate me,” she said.
When asked by the court if she just sued Khupe out of spite because of what happened with her husband, Mutokambali replied in the negative but explained that he wanted Khupe to pay because she does not deserve to be disrespected by any man.
But Khupe said Mutokambali was frustrated when she kept calling her husband’s phone and he wasn’t answering her calls.
“My aunt is the one who called me to go and pick my brother’s phone. So each time she called I was the one answering, which infuriated her. She said I was useless and the rest of my family as well for allowing her husband to leave her.
I only asked why she decided to pack everything they owned including the stuff my brother’s first wife left. I did not insult her,” he said.
The court dismissed the claim due to insufficient evidence.