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Woman spits in stepson’s mouth

IN ORDER to protect his children from abuse by their step-mother, a man has decided to divorce his wife, he says, he found beating and spitting saliva in the mouth of his son.
The Lusaka man complained that his wife’s behaviour is so bad that even a pastor he took her to for prayers failed to deliver her.
This was heard before justices David Phiri, Moses Phiri, and Mukuka Ng’andwe in a case where Kelvin Tembo of John Laing dragged his wife Gladys Mutale, 31, also of John Laing to court for divorce.
Phiri said after two years of marriage, his wife started abusing his children.
“One day, I found her pinching the cheeks of my son and also asked him to open his mouth after which she spat saliva in his mouth,” he said.
Phiri said he reported her to her family, which annoyed Mutale who later decided to pay back the bride price telling him the marriage was over.
With that, she moved out but returned home when she failed to pay her bills, said Tembo.
But in July this year, she got all household items and went to visit her family in Kasama.
Phiri said when he couldn’t take it anymore, he decide to sue for divorce.
And in her testimony, Mutale denied any problems in their marriage and said if the children had found fault with her, they would have long gone.
Mutale told Tembo she was not going to divorce him as he is to her like a father and mother.
Justice Phiri asked her to step down from the dock and walk over to Tembo to ask for forgiveness.
Mutale walked over, knelt down and said, “Where will I go, you are my father and mother. Forgive me.  I won’t leave you.”
The two embraced and Justice Phiri adjourned the matter to 0ctober 7, 2014 to give the couple and their families reconcile.