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Woman punished for biting ex-lover’s finger

A WOMAN of Ndola on Monday pleaded with the Ndola Magistrate’s Court and promised to become an ambassador of gender-based violence (GBV) after she was convicted for biting the finger of her former lover during a confrontation.
Agnes Mwansa of New Kaloko township has since been sentenced to 30 days community service for assault.
Magistrate Misozi Banda convicted Mwansa after she pleaded guilty to the offence.
Mwansa told the court that she bit Madewell Nyimbili on his fingers because he left her for another woman.
“But Ms Banda counseled Mwansa to move on with her life as opposed to fighting a man who no longer loves her.
She cautioned Mwansa against engaging in violence as it is not the best option to resolve grievances.
And in delivering judgment, Ms Banda noted the increasing cases of women assaulting men.
In mitigation, Mwansa asked the court for lenience and promised to become an ambassador of GBV.
She told the court that she has twins, who are in school and that she also looks after other relatives.
Particulars of the offence are that on August 19, this year in Ndola, Mwansa assaulted Nyimbiri.
Facts before the court are that on the material day around 07.00 hours, Nyimbiri was taking a bath when Mwansa arrived and presented a police call out.
The court heard that as Nyimbiri was dressing up, Mwansa pulled him by his manhood and bit his fingers.
Nyimbiri sustained a swollen manhood and reported the matter to Mushili police post where he was issued with a medical report.

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