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Woman of Kitwe seeks divorce from promiscuous husband

A TWENTY-FOUR-year-old woman of Kitwe is seeking divorce from her husband of eight years because of his alleged promiscuous behaviour.
Before Bulangililo senior magistrate Vincent Sondwapo was Sophie Zulu, who wants to divorce her husband, Alison Gumbo.
The two tied the knot in 2009 under customary law and bride price of K2500 was paid.
Zulu, a bar tender, asked the court to grant her divorce because her husband is a womaniser and he does not respect her.
“This man is moody and he is fond of calling me names when he is drunk. Further, he has other women he flirts with in my presence. As we speak, he has moved into the house of another woman,” Zulu said.
This was after the court gave the couple a week to sit with elders to see how they could be reconciled.
Meanwhile, Gumbo pleaded with the court not to dissolve his marriage because he still loves his wife.
He said their marriage was blissful until Zulu found employment at a local night club.
“My wife was a good person. She only changed when she found a job at a local night club. The other thing is that she is badly influenced by her sisters. Nevertheless, I still love her and I don’t want us to be separated,” he said.
Magistrate Sondwapo granted a free divorce and ordered Gumbo to support his child by contributing K 300 per month starting February 28, 2017.

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