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Woman narrates ordeal in abuser’s hands

A ZAMBIAN woman who was married to a Nigerian man has advised women not to fall in love blindly after she was abused in her marriage.
Mary Namwila said in an interview that she first met her husband in South Africa in 2009, after which they got married.
She said they lived in South Africa for eight years and had children together.
“However, my husband began talking about going to Nigeria, saying his father was ill at the point of death and that he (spouse) wanted the children to see their grandfather,” Ms Namwila said.
She said not knowing that he was tricking her, she agreed to go with the children.
Upon arrival in Nigeria, her husband’s family were shocked to see them, including the father her husband claimed was unwell.
Ms Namwila said this is when she realised something was wrong because her husband then took her to live in a two-room house with no furniture, toilet, bathroom or mattress.
She said she had to go to nearby churches to use the toilet as Ms Namwila and her children mostly used plastics to defecate.
“Within the month of being in his country, he changed from being the loving man he was when we were in South Africa to the monster that began to abuse me physically and CLICK TO READ MORE