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Woman leaves HIV positive husband

A THIRTY-SIX-year-old woman of Kitwe has filed for divorce in the Buchi local court after learning that her husband is HIV-positive.

This is in a case in which Purity Nyambe sued David Ng’ambi, 46, on grounds that he is a womaniser.
Nyambe told the court that ever since they got married in 1992, there has never been happiness in their marriage.
“My husband is a womaniser. He has multiple girlfriends which has made me to file for divorce because I don’t want to die of AIDS,” she said.
Nyambe narrated that her husband once impregnated his girlfriend, whom he started renting a house for while his family starved.
She said she only knew about her husband’s status after the two went for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT).
But Ng’ambi told the court that he was a responsible man who sponsored his wife’s education from grade nine to college and that his wife only filed for divorce because she has found another man.
He told the court that his wife withdrew money from their account meant for their son’s tuition fees on the basis that she wanted to bribe someone, who can help her find a job.
Ng’ambi said the church had tried to reconcile the two but that his wife never showed any interest in making their marriage work because she has found another man whom she is dating.
Buchi senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya and Caroline Mbewe granted the couple a free divorce saying  it was obvious that the woman has found another lover and that there was  no love between the couple.



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