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Woman gives up on promiscuous hubby

AFTER being deserted for two years by her husband of 17 years, a woman of Bulangililo Township has finally decided to walk-out on her marriage.

Emeldah Chibawe, 36, is seeking divorce against Elias Chisanga, 38, on grounds that he is promiscuous.
Chibawe told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2008 when Chisanga found a job as a brick-layer.
She told the court that her husband left their matrimonial home for two years without any financial support to his family.
“My husband abandoned us just when he got the job and left us without any support ,which made us become beggars,” she said.
Chibawe narrated that when Chisanga came back home, he started spending nights outside their matrimonial home until he impregnated his girlfriend.
Chibwe said that the incident made her husband pack his belongings and go to live with his girlfriend but that he still came back after a year and chased her from their home.
Chibawe told the court that since she was chased in 2016, Chisanga shouted at her wherever he met her and would try to strangle her.
She asked the court to grant her divorce because her husband’s actions might lead to her death.
But Chisanga denied the allegations and accused his wife of sexually starving him, prompting him to have an extra-marital affair.
He told the court that his wife had a friend who was badly influencing her decisions.
Chisanga said he did want not want to divorce his wife because he still loves her.
Bulangililo senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni adjourned judgment in the matter to a later date.


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