Woman escapes lynching over ‘coffins’

SCORES of residents of Ndeke township in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday threatened to lynch a 25-year-old woman after two coffins, suspected charms and beads of various colours were found in her house.
Central Province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi told the Sunday Mail that the woman, identified as Francisca Illunga, had initially gone to Kapiri Mposhi Police Station to report that she was being vic-timised by her landlord Diana Silungwe.
While Illunga was giving a statement around 09:00 hours, Ms Silungwe appeared and countered her allegations of victimisation.
“The woman complained that she was being threatened with eviction and she wanted the police to protect her,” Ms Kamukoshi said.
Ms Kamukoshi said Ms Silungwe told the police that Illunga was keeping charms in her house and she herself was at the police station to report Illunga.
She said the police took the two women to the affected house to in-vestigate the matter and under the bed of Ilunga they found two baby coffins and charms covered in a red cloth.
“She said the charms were not hers but belonged to her brother who is in Lusaka,” she said.
She said police have arrested Illunga and charged her with possession of charms under the Witchcraft Act.
Ms Kamukoshi said that had it not been for the presence of the police scores of residents who were calling her witch would have lynched her.

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