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Woman confesses she was impregnated by another man

A WOMAN has been ordered by the court to compensate her former husband with K4,000 following her confession that he was not the
biological father of the child she gave birth to while they were still married.
Melody Kafula revealed in the Kabushi Local Court that she was three months pregnant for another man when she was dating Gershom Mumbi.
She said her parents forced her to marry Mumbi after she slept out at his house.
Kafula said Mumbi knew that she was carrying another man’s child but still accepted responsibility for her pregnancy.
“When we were dating, I slept out at his place and that’s how my parents told him that he was supposed to marry me for keeping me at his house. That’s how he paid dowry and we married. But I already told him that I was three months pregnant for another man,” she said. Kafula said she was in a relationship with a truck driver, who impregnated her before she started dating Mumbi.
She told the court that she reconciled with the truck driver after she started experiencing problems in her marriage with Mumbi. CLICK

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