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Woman clings to promiscous hubby

DESPITE reports that her husband has been having sex with his nieces, a Lusaka woman has refused to end her marriage because she would have no means of survival.
Sthembiso Banda told the Matero Local Court that she was not in agreement to have her marriage annulled because she has no qualifications to prop her up in life as she dropped out of school when her husband impregnated her.
This was heard before Justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye in a case where Daniel Banda, 21, of Kabanana dragged Sthembiso, 19, also of Kabanana to court for divorce.
Banda, who dilly-dallied to tell the court what relationship he had with Sthembiso before saying she was his wife, said she was forced on him after she fell pregnant.
He said shortly after, they started having differences which led him to suggest she goes for traditional counselling.
“I realized because we are young and have never been counselled, we needed help,” he said.
Banda said when Sthembiso found counsellors she began to complain that they did not know what they were doing and she stopped attending their lessons.
He said quarrels between them continued and he decided to take her to her family where they could find her other counsellors but when she returned to their home, problems escalated.
Banda said Sthembiso was disrespectful, forcing him to take her again to her family who said they were tired of counseling her repeatedly without positive results.
‘I told them I had also failed to live with their daughter,” he said.
And in her statement, Sthembiso said she didn’t want a divorce because Banda married her as an orphan.
She also said he made her drop out of school when he impregnated her adding that there is no one from her family who can help her go back to school.
“So how will I survive and look after our child if he leaves me? she lamented.
Sthembiso said the problem she was experiencing with Banda is that he had the habit of having sex with his nieces whenever they had all day church meetings.
She said Banda would live the service and go to have sex with his nieces at the plot where he is building their house.
Sthembiso also said when Banda first impregnated her, he gave her traditional medicine which he claimed was for strengthening the pregnancy and yet it led to her having an abortion.
The court granted divorce.

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