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Woman, 30, sues hubby for denying her conjugal rights

AFTER 30 years of marriage, a 60-year-old sexually-starved grandmother of Kitwe has sued husband for denying her conjugal rights for the past five years.
Dorothy Kafwanka begged the court to dissolve her marriage to her husband John Mulenga, 69, because he has also brought HIV into their matrimonial home.
Kafwanka was narrating in the Buchi Local Court in a case in which she sued Mulenga for divorce. She told Senior Magistrate Elizabeth Banda that the two got married in 1985 and have six children.
She said all was well in their marriage until 2010 when her husband started having an affair with a niece.
“My husband has been refusing to sex with me since 2010. And then I discovered he was having an affair with my niece in my own home. My niece came to live with us after her husband died of suspected HIV,” Kafwanka said.
She later discovered that her husband was taking anti-retroviral drugs without informing her.
But Mulenga told the court that their marriage turned sour when he lost his job. He pleaded with the court not to grant divorce for the sake of their children and grandchildren.
The court granted divorce, noting that the couple has not been intimate for five years. The magistrate also ordered that property acquired together be shared equally.

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