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Witness testifies in murder case

A WITNESS, Patron Kajimoto yesterday told the Lusaka High Court that he arrested Jacqueline Mwiindwa for killing her husband after allegedly running over him after he reconstructed the scene of the crime.

In this case, Mwiindwa, 36, a health care administrator of Makeni Bonaventure, is charged with murder.
When the case came up for continuation of trial before High Court judge Charles Chanda, detective sergeant Kajimoto said he went to the scene of the crime with Mwiindwa to establish what happened.
Mr Kajimoto said he visited the scene a day after the incident occurred and that he did not find Koffi Milumbe’s body as it had already been moved.
He took pictures of the scene and compiled an album.
He said he discovered a dent on the bumper on the vehicle that was being driven by Mwiindwa and was told that this came about as a result of hitting a pavement at Embassy Mall.
Mr Kajimoto said he asked the person who was driving the vehicle at the time Leonard Nyirongo, who was Mwiindwa’s workmate, to demonstrate what happened and discovered that the pavement was too low for a vehicle to hit into it.
In cross examination, Mr Kajimoto said he did not make a conclusion that Milumbe died because he was hit by a vehicle, and that he did not know what caused the deceased’s death.
He said there was no blood found on the vehicle but that he found blood stains at different spots at the scene were the incident is said to have happened.