Witchdoctors fuelling GBV, other crimes

Dear editor,
I WAS looking through the daily papers this morning and found some very sad stories indeed.
I want to bring this point across as it seems to be ignored completely in the procedures that are supposed to bring justice or indeed lasting solutions to problems.
I read about a soldier who raped his sister after being told by a witchdoctor that this would make him rich.
We are always talking about gender-based violence, and even in this case who is suffering? It’s the woman.
My big question to journalists and the law enforcement agencies is why are these witchdoctors left scot-free when they are the perpetrators of such violence against humanity and in some cases even animals?
Can someone explain to me if they are untouchables or the law enforcement agencies are too scared to approach them for fear of being ‘bewitched’ in this day and age?
That is my contribution on this unfortunate GBV case.