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Witchcraft accusations tear couple apart

ALLEGATIONS of witchcraft following the death of a child have led to the breakdown of a seven-year-old marriage.
This is in a case in which Pascal Kang’ombe, 35, sued Clara Kabwibwi, 34, for divorce after she accused his parents of being responsible for the death of their child.
Facts before the court were that Kang’ombe and Kabwibwi got married in 2013 and have two children.
Kang’ombe told the court that problems in his marriage started in 2015 when the couple’s first child was bashed by a vehicle and died on the spot while at Kabwibwi’s parents’ home in Luanshya.
“My wife started accusing my parents of being responsible for our child’s death. Later, we talked about the issue and CLICK TO READ MORE

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