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‘Witch’ wife walks out of 20-year-old marriage

TIRED of being called a witch, a 35-year-old woman of Mansa has pleaded with the Mansa Local Court to dissolve her marriage of 20 years because her husband accuses her of bewitching him.
Margaret Monde filed for divorce against Patrick Kasonde on grounds that her husband tells her that he does not see anything in her.
The two tied the knot in1997 following the payment of dowry and have seven children together.
Monde said problems in their marriage started when her husband started demeaning her and calling her a witch in front of their children.
“Each time we have a marital dispute, my husband tells me that he has no feelings for me and does not see anything good in me. He tells me that I used charms on him to coerce him into marrying me,” Monde narrated.
She said her husband even refuses to eat any food she cooks for fear that she adds charms.
Monde said Kasonde is also violent and that he beats her up even when she is just advising him.
She said she has never seen peace in her marriage and that she always lives in fear.
The court heard that her husband also threatens to kill her and the children.
But Kasonde begged the court not to grant them divorce as he still loves his wife.
He said his wife does not have respect for him and it is her  behaviour which prompts him to seek happiness elsewhere.
The court dissolved the marriage and ordered Kasonde to compensate Monde with K5,000 e in monthly instalments of K200.
She also ordered the two to share household property equally.

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