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‘Witch finder’ pays K800

A WOMAN, 48, of Kalikiliki township in Lusaka was ordered to compensate her son’s mother in-law K800 for calling her a witch.
This was heard before Justice Prudence Bwalya in the Chilenje Local Court in a case where Grace Kondowe, 50, sued Violet Mankale also of the same township for defamation of character.
Kondowe also told the court that Mankale threatened to kill her before calling her a witch. This was on June 16, 2015.
“Mankale told me that I will spend my night in the mortuary that day because I and my grandchild irritate her,” she said.
But Mankale who denied ever calling Kondowe a witch, declared the end of the relationship between her and Kondowe after the court ruled in the latter’s favour.