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Wina appointment cheers Lusaka residents

PATRIOTIC Front national chairperson Inonge Wina (left), party secretary-general Edgar Lungu and party deputy secretary-general Bridget Atanga during a meeting at Government Complex recently. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

THE appointment of Inonge Wina as Zambia’s first female Vice-President has cheered some Lusaka residents. The call for gender equality has been a cry for many women for ages; one of the aims of millennium development goals was to see more women taking up decision-making positions by 2015.
President Lungu has demonstrated his commitment to achieving this. On Monday, he appointed Ms Wina to take over from Guy Scott.
Chilufya Mabumba of Lusaka said Ms Wina is a brave woman and she deserved the appointment; adding that the decision by the President was a mature one and will empower and involve women in the running of the country.
“The President has not looked at her tribe but at the girl child, it is a great advance we have all been waiting for,” Mr Mabumba said.
Lundazi resident John Mwale said Ms Wina’s appointment is not a strategy for Western Province but for the benefit of the whole country.
“If she managed to calm the wrangles that arose in Patriotic Front (PF) and unite them, I am sure she will withstand the pressures that are associated with her office; she will have the same drive in uniting the country,” he said.
Albert Phiri said the appointment has come in at the right time and will help Zambia sort out tribal issues. “I think having a woman to hold such a position will help in having many women get recognition, empowerment and equal opportunities as men,” Mr Phiri said
Harriet Mulungwani, a business lady, said she is elated that a woman has been appointed to the second highest position of the land. She said Ms Wina deserved the appointment as she was the unifier of the PF during their wrangles and as such she will be a mother to all Zambians.
Nevy Mwanza, from Meanwood residential area, said the appointment will open doors for many other women as there is no limit to their ability. This will enhance progress on the call for gender equality in Zambia.
Prisca Gondwe of Avondale said it is a great move by the PF. She however hopes that Ms Wina will exceed people’s expectations and ascend to the presidency one day.
And Ms Soko of Chilenje South said the appointment indicates that President Lungu has the interests of Zambian women at heart and their efforts are being appreciated.
Andrew Muma said the appointment will empower women but the question is whether she will deliver according to people’s expectations and empowering women to work hard.
He said Government needs to appoint people based on their hard work and not political favour. “I think Dr Scott should have been retained as Vice-President because he is hard-working and deserved a chance,” Mr Muma said.

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