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‘I will explore how the human body functions’

INSPIRED by both his parents, who are doctors, 11-year-old John-Grace Mulindwa aspires to join the medical profession once he completes his education.
Determined John-Grace, a Grade Seven pupil and head boy at Shuttle private school in Lusaka is optimistic that his dream of becoming a doctor will one day become a reality.
“Having both parents as doctors is enough motivation for me to work hard so that I can also become like them,” he says.
Unlike others who join a profession because of hefty salaries, John-Grace’s desire is to save lives and explore how the human body functions.
“I would like to know and have a detailed understanding on how a human body functions,” he adds.
His love for the medical profession follows the passion, hard work, sacrifice and love doctors have towards their work and patients. They work so hard and sacrifice a lot to ensure that they prevent loss of human life.
John-Grace, who is so passionate about the welfare of patients, said he wants to make a difference in the medical field unlike others who are only interested in the pay.
To achieve his dream, John-Grace works hard in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science and Social and Developmental, Studies which are his favourite.
As a believer, John-Grace believes that there is nothing impossible with God as long as one trusts in Him.  This can also be possible by being focused and determined in life.
“The Bible says all things are possible with God and I believe this is true.  People also need to work extra hard and listen to whatever their teachers and guardians tell them for them to become successful in their lives,” he said.
John-Grace loves reading and writing novels in his free time.
His mother and father are his inspiration as they always support him and encourage him to be focused in life and work hard at school.
John-Grace advises his fellow teens to always be focused on school, work extra hard and not engage themselves in unproductive activities.
“My fellow teens should avoid all forms of illicit behaviour because it can ruin their lives,” he notes.

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