Will cashew beat West water woes?

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ROSS Masiye, 55, and Abel Kubaulela, 58, both cashew nut farmers under the Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP), have been best friends since their formative years in Malambo village in Sioma district, Western Province.
They have perfected the art of surviving the area’s rough terrains, consisting of Kalahari sandy soils. They have never once thought of relocating. Consistent maize farmers since they assumed responsibility over wives and children, the two are also ardent fishermen and double as constructers when houses crumble and also brew a local wine to be enjoyed after a two-week fermentation period.
By local standards, the two have had considerable success to create stable living conditions for their families. However, fate seems to have been hitting Mr Masiye the wrong way in recent years.
In 2017, heavy rains caused his main home to crumble, forcing him and his wife to shift into a structure initially used by his sons. The second blow came in 2018, when a lack of adequate rainfall caused 95 percent of his cashew plants to wither and die. http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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