Letter to the Editor

Wildlife officers misplaced energy

Dear editor,
THE Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) police officers spend a lot of time searching buses at Nalusanga and Tateyoyo operational points at either side of the Kafue National Park in Mumbwa.
Surprisingly, they allow trucks and other vehicles to go through without being searched.
The impression created is that they do not trust public-passenger vehicles and trust truckers.
There is so much time wasted searching public passenger vehicles to the extent that it takes a huge toll on the passengers.
Going forward, DNPW should come up with a system where if a bus has been thoroughly screened at Nalusanga, it should not be subjected to similar searching at Tateyoyo to save on time.
Similarly, a bus thoroughly searched at Tateyoyo should be given a sticker so that it is not over-screened at Nalusanga.
Passengers have a sense of responsibility and should not be expected to be careless in carrying or being couriers of Government trophy.
If anything, the same vehicles which are not searched may be the ones carrying Government trophy.

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