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Wife ‘thief’ to pay K1,000 fine

A CUNNING neighbour of Chipata district who was trying to lure another man’s wife by buying her a phone and body lotion has been fined K1,000 by the Chipata Local Court.
The court heard that Christopher Zulu, 41, of Nabvutika township was in the habit of flirting with his neighbour’s wife and buying her body lotion.
This was heard before Local Court Senior Magistrate Leonard Nkhata in a case in which Zulu was sued by Melan Luo, 29, for compensation for showering his wife with presents.
Luo told the court that last month, he discovered his wife with a new mobile phone; something she has never owned.
“Last month, my wife went to attend a co-operative meeting. After noticing that she had not come back home by 19:00 hours, I decided to follow her. We met on the way but I noticed she had a phone,” he said.
When he asked her where she got the phone from, Luo said she told him she bought it at K40 from someone.
“I got suspicious because, apart from the phone being cheap, she removed her sim card from the phone and dropped it. When I asked when she removed the sim card, she denied it was hers. So I put it in her phone and found it only had one contact on it,” he said.
He said when he called the number; he discovered it was Zulu his neighbour. Luo said his wife begged for forgiveness afterwards.
“She asked me to forgive her and when we got home, she also showed me that the body lotion she had been using was bought by Zulu,” he said.
But Zulu denied buying the phone and the body lotion for Luo’s wife. He, however, admitted to buying her the sim card.
Zulu also denied knowing Luo’s wife, yet said she had sent him to buy her a sim card.
He later asked Luo to forgive him for buying a sim card for his wife without consulting him first.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Zulu to pay Luo K1,000 in two instalments for not being truthful.

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