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Wife sues hubby over conjugal rights

A WOMAN in a polygamous marriage has complained of being sexually starved by her husband who she said spends more time with his first wife.
Lindiwe Njobu, 34, was speaking before senior court magistrate Mary Namangala in a case in which she sued Alan Musipa, 54, a subsistence farmer. He paid three herds of cattle for bride price and the couple have four children together.
Njobvu, who Musipa have been married for 17 years complained to the court that it was not fair for Musipa to be sidelining her.
“I feel abandoned and sexually starved by my husband because he only spends a day with me but spends more than 30 days in a month with his first wife whom he has a child with,” she said.
Njobvu said Musipa only started having sex with her every day when she sued him for divorce.
However, Musipa wondered why Njobvu was unable to communicate with him whenever she was hurting.
“I wish you told me earlier, I would have done something about it. The problem is that you do not open up whenever you are unhappy but opt to move out,” he said.
Musipa told the court that he and Njobvu have been sexually active except when she is breastfeeding.
Besides being sexually starved, Njobvu said she could no longer continue in the marriage because Musipa also accuses her of being a witch.
“He also does not offer any form of but expects me to toil on the farm he owns with his first wife,” Njobvu said.
She said she feels used by Musipa who told her that her role in the marriage was to produce children for him and his first wife.
But Musipa in his statement denied ever calling his wife a witch and being an irresponsible woman.
“I suspect that my wife is being influenced to divorce me by her friends who are also divorcees and widows,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce because Njobvu could no longer be in a polygamous marriage.
Musipa was ordered to compensate Njobvu with K8,000 and to be paying child support of K350.


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