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Wife seeks divorce after failing to meet husband’s demands

UNABLE to put up with her husband’s ‘abnormal’ sexual appetite, a newly-wed of Chipata district has opted for divorce.
The emotionally charged Salifa Miti, 21, of Chikoka village said she is not interested in being a sex slave for her husband Kennedy Mwanza 27, who demands to have sexual relations even when she is menstruating.
“We got married last year in November. He turned me into a sex slave from the moment I moved into his house. I cannot put up with his sexual appetite, I want a divorce,” she told Chipata Local Court magistrate Emmanuel Mumba.
Miti complained that Mwanza demands to have sexual relations with her even when she is not feeling well and gets physical and beats her when she refuses to submit to his sexual needs.
“He beats me when I refuse to have sex with him then forces himself on me. He doesn’t understand or allow me to rest even when I am menstruating. The other day, I refused because I was menstruating but he locked me in the house and forced himself on me even in the state I was in, “she said.
Miti said her marriage to Mwanza in the three months they lived together as husband and wife is not her idea of how people should live.
“I am not interested in this marriage. It is torture being married to this man,” she said.
However, Mwanza insisted that he only demands what is due to him because he paid her bride price.
“I am a married man and I cannot be asking for sex from  my wife whom I share a bed with. Miti always has an excuse each time I ask for my conjugal rights saying she is not well. She continued with her excuses until I made her submit because I did not marry her to be a robot in bed,” he said.
Mwanza complained that Miti is not traditionally counselled on how to attend to her husband in bed.
“Her family did not do a good job in training her how to handle her husband in bed. She is very lazy. Divorcing me will not even be a solution. She needs traditional marriage counselling on how to keep her husband,” he said.
The court granted divorce and ordered the couple to share property they acquired together.
The court also reminded Mwanza that marriage is not all about sex and that he also needs to be taught on how to treat women not just abusing them.