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Wife picks boyfriend as marriage counsellor

IN A desperate move to conceal her extra-marital affair, a woman tricked her husband into entrusting her boyfriend as one they could turn to for marriage counselling.
The eye-popping escapade came to light in Chipulukusu Local Court after Reckon Phiri, 34, of Pamodzi Township, sued Tobias Musonda, 34, of Mapalo Township, for committing adultery with his wife, Ruth Phiri.
Phiri told the court that he married Ruth in 2014 but problems in their marriage started last year when his in-laws withdrew her from him despite the two enjoying a good relationship.
He said after some time, Ruth asked him if they could reconcile. He agreed.
“After a week, I found her talking on phone with Musonda. When I asked her why, she told me that Musonda was her friend and CLICK TO READ MORE

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