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Wife finds hubby in matrimonial bed with woman

A HOUSEWIFE of Mabumba village in Mansa has pleaded with the Mansa local court to dissolve her marriage of seven years after she caught her husband sleeping with another woman in their matrimonial bed.
Mary Mumba filed for divorce on grounds that her husband is promiscuous and did not respect her.
She was giving evidence against Kennedy Mataka whom she sued for divorce. The two tied the knot in 2010 and have two children.
Mumba told senior local court Magistrate Christopher Nkandu, sitting with magistrate Margaret Nsankalima that when they got married, there were no problems in their marriage.
She told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2015 when Mataka asked her to go and live with her parents because he was unemployed.
Mumba narrated that during her absence, Mataka completely stopped communicating with her and supporting the children.
“One day our child got very sick, so I decided to go to my husband’s house so that he could give me some money to take the toddler to the hospital. I went straight into the bedroom and I found him naked sleeping with another woman,” she narrated.
The court heard that instead of being sorry, Mataka ruthlessly beat up his wife, who sustained injuries.
She said Mataka then dragged her out of their matrimonial home and told her in presence of the other woman that he was no longer interested in their marriage because he had found himself another woman.
And Mataka said problems in their marriage started when his wife went to live with his in-laws.
He accused his wife of confiscating his school certificates, which he said she burnt and that this cost him his job with ZESCO.
Mataka narrated that she was upset with Mumba and had to propose another woman just to make her pay for her action.
Magistrate Nkandu adjourned the case for judgement.