Wife denies hubby sex after circumcision

CIRCUMCISION  may have health benefits for both men and women but one Lusaka husband’s decision to undergo the procedure left him sexless in his marriage.
Dickson Kapeso, 30, of Kanyama township told the court that his wife started denying him his conjugal rights after he got circumcised in 2013.
Speaking before justices Daniel Phiri, Abraham Phiri and Sara Nyendwa, Kapeso said his wife, Carol Phiri, 30, of Makeni Villa started refusing to engage in sexual relations with him for undergoing circumcision, accusing him of being promiscuous.
Kapeso said out of ignorance, Phiri believes circumcision is a passport for a man to misbehave because he cannot easily get sexually transmitted infections. He said he now has to fight with his wife for them to engage in sexual relations.
This is in a case in which Kapeso sued Phiri for divorce. Kapeso said the two have been married since 2003 and have five children together.
“I have stayed for six weeks without sexual intercourse because my wife fears she can get infected. We have now been apart for two years. I failed to stay that long without enjoying my conjugal rights, so I decided to re-marry.”
He complained that during the time they lived as man and wife, Phiri did not follow traditional rites on how to warn her husband when she was on her menses.
“I expected her to hang a string of red beads on the wall but she wouldn’t. In the night I would pounce on her only to find myself littered with blood,” he said.
But Phiri said Kapeso has been in the habit of abandoning her and their children.
She said he did the same in 2013 when she had a two months old baby.
“Our child is now two years and five months but he has never seen the baby in court,” she said.
The court granted divorce and ordered Kapeso to pay Phiri K8,000 as compensate Phiri.

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