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Wife chased after pastor names child

A THIRTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD man of 10 miles area has chased his wife from their matrimonial home after a pastor named their new born baby.
Emmanuel Mulunda , who was sued by his wife, Rebecca, 25, told the Matero local court that he suspected she was having an affair with the pastor.

“My wife rejected the name I gave my son and accepted the one that was given by the pastor. I named him Abel but my wife opted for Moses, the name given by the pastor,” he said.
Emmanuel told the court that his wife is promiscuous and that she denies him conjugal rights.
He told the court that it was pointless for them to live together because he had lost trust in her.
Facts before the court were that the pair got married in 2015 and have one child together; K 2,500 out of
K4,000, the initial bride price, was paid.
Rebecca Mulunda, who testified earlier, told the court that the couple’s first born son was named by the pastor because her husband rejected the child when it was born.
She said Emmanuel rejected the pregnancy in the seventh month.
“Emmanuel deserted me and went to live with another woman. He has not seen his son for two years now since he was born. He does not provide any form of support to the child, it is better we go separate ways because there is no marriage between us,” She said.
In passing judgment, the court granted divorce on grounds that there was lack of communication in the marriage. Emmanuel was ordered to compensate Rebecca with K 3,000 and K 250 child maintenance.