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Wife breaks down after hubby’s sentence

A HOUSEWIFE of Ndola on Tuesday wept uncontrollably in the Ndola Magistrate’s Court after her husband was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing 53 steel pipes worth over K15, 000 from Dangote Industries Limited in Masaiti.
The woman broke down in court soon after magistrate Eston Kafunyi jailed Lezan Kamoya, 27, for theft.
She disrupted proceedings for about five minutes while Mr Kafunyi looked at her before ordering her to leave the courtroom.
This is in a case in which Kamoya of Chiwala in Masaiti was charged with theft.
Kamoya admitted the charge.
Mr Kafunyi convicted Kamoya on his own unequivocal plea of guilty.
“Based on your own admission of the facts, I find you guilty of the charge and I convict you accordingly. I note that you are a first offender who readily admitted the charge without wasting the court’s time, hence, you deserve leniency.
“I sentence you to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour with effect from August 6, 2014, the date on which you were arrested,” Mr Kafunyi said.
He ordered that the steel pipes be returned to Dangote Industries Limited and granted Kamoya leave to appeal to the High Court within 14 days.
Kamoya on August 6 this year in Ndola, stole 53 steel pipes worth K15, 900 from Dangote Industries Limited in Masaiti.
In mitigation, Kamoya pleaded with the court to be lenient on him because he is epileptic and his wife suffers from sickle cell anemia.
Facts before the court read by public prosecutor Mweene Machila are that on the fateful day around 07:00 hours, Mr Evans Shamutete, a coordinator at Dangote Industries Limited , discovered that some steel pipes were missing at the plant.
Mr Shamutete reported the matter to Masala Police Station and investigations were instituted.
Police officers later received information that some people were offloading steel pipes at a shop at Masala market.
The court heard that police officers went to the shop and the owner led them to Kamoya and he was apprehended.