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Why wear designer clothing

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
OVER the past few years, designer clothing has been trending among the womenfolk.

Everyone wants to be associated with a brand to feel and look expensive.
Even those who can only afford second-hand clothing first check for the label, before settling for anything.
I am not an exception. Some of my favourite designer clothing and accessories are Polo by Ralph Lauren and Guess by the Marciano brothers.
According to megastore, designer wear is clothing that holds a label of a renowned fashion designer, and carries a specific style that differentiates it from the rest of the brands.
It is in itself a brand that speaks for the designer, and targets a specific group of customers.
With the awareness of people growing speedily towards fashion and style, the number of branded or designer clothing has also grown at an enormous pace. It is though not necessary that the founder or creator of the company or brand creates the designer clothes.
Designer clothes have their own charm and a distinct quality that makes them a class apart from the ordinary clothing.
They are crafted from fine fabrics and feature refined finishing and detailing. Many designers use certain specific elements in their collection that define their brand and become a characteristic feature for their range.
A few others play around with fabric manipulations and surface works, while others focus entirely on the colours and motifs used on each piece of their designer clothing collection.
Some designers work entirely for women’s wear, while some design for men’s wear. Some look into Western attire, while there are countless others who portray Indian ethnic wear so beautifully that they capture international eyes. Many others enjoy creating fusion designs that depict a mix of Indian and global style.
Everyone dreams to buy designer clothes for themselves, but it is not always the same with all designer brands. Many reputed brands that showcase their collections at fashion shows like Lakme and Wills Lifestyle, sell at scoring amounts.
Although we love each piece and want to have one for ourselves, most of the times, we feel helpless due to their expensive tags. But, then, who said wearing a designer dress would be that easier!
Why wear designer clothing?
Social status is one of the many reasons why a lot of women (and men) wear designer apparel and accessories. These are endorsed and worn by beautiful, top calibre models from the movie, sports and fashion industry. Celebrity fashion is something that people are looking up to. Feeling how a celebrity looks is a wonderful experience. Keep yourself abreast of the latest and the best in fashion.
However, if the designer clothes look terrible on you, it really doesn’t matter that you spent a lot of money on it. People can still look horrible in expensive clothes, so, choose what suits you perfectly.
Have a blessed weekend.
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