Letter to the Editor

Why should LWSC bill clients mid-month?

Dear editor,
THE American people, through the Millennium Challenge Account, contributed funds to help the Zambian government alleviate water problems in areas like Mtendere, Kwamwena, Ndeke and Vorna Valley. However, the plan has been diverted by Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC), which has brought post-paid meters instead of prepaid ones, which are advantageous to the consumer.
LWSC has an unfriendly billing system on the 10th of every month and the consumer is told to foot the bill before getting their salary on the 30th.
Residents are asked to pay for the commodity mid-month, failure to which water is disconnected.
Why should LWSC disconnect water from the residents when the customer can pay at month-end?
In the first place, LWSC never intended to bring water in the above +mentioned areas, hence most residents decided to sink boreholes. If you take a survey, most residents have not connected to LWSC water.
There was mass disconnection by this utility. Even those who pay monthly were affected.
Residents have complained over poor service by the LWSC.
Let the Consumer Protection Commission direct LWSC to install prepaid meters instead of the current post-paid ones.
LWSC should improve its service delivery because water is life.

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