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Why has known criminal been let loose?

Dear editor,
PLEASE, keep my identity under absolute confidentiality for my safety and security because what I am about to reveal is of high sensitivity. Treat me as a whistleblower or informer.
The story is about Police failing to deal with, apprehend, arrest a hardcore criminal/robber who has been committing atrocities against society for ages despite them having an idea of his activities. Some officers (anti robbery/flying squad) actually visit him. It is claimed they get commissions from his activities.
I have been prompted to write because recently there was news that there was an attempted bank robbery in Eastern Province in which the Police foiled the robbery because they had a tip off. This happened over this weekend (07-8/04/2021). They recovered explosive materials and a motor vehicle number plate. Why they failed to apprehend the suspects who had actually entered the ambush area nobody knows because no reason has been given.
I have a strong suspect, in fact I am convinced police know the suspect and they need to do is apprehend him and interrogate him and his partners.
There is one notorious criminal who operates not only on the Copperbelt but across the country even across borders. He has killed people and stolen, robbed countless times. Even the story which I am just reading now (09/04/2021) about police in Lusaka apprehending a foreigner and two Zambians found with various properties could have been masterminded by him.
I don’t personally know the guy nor have I met him in person though he has heard of me as well because of being close with the same informer but I am sure of the information I have because it comes from someone who has been with him long.
He has an array of weapons and when they attack a place it is total war. Some places that have been attacked over a period of time include: Gourock Canvass (Ndola), Congolese Embassy (Itawa, Ndola), Zambezi Portland (salaries – Ndola), Start Point- chitenge wholesale (Main Masala, Ndola), Kay’s Overalls (Industrial area, Ndola), Zanaco – guard killed (Cairo, Mine Masala, Ndola).
I am sure all these records are there at the police and some (if not even senior) officers especially anti robbery/ flying squad have an idea at least who is involved.
My main worry is why has he managed to avoid the dragnet. Many people have been killed in his activities from both sides – his group and victims.

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