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Why do women fall for bad guys?

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DO NOT judge a book by its cover. Why do I say so? Women have the notion of being overtaken by a man’s good looks and thinking that such a man is a gentleman and a good man.
Women, please remember that looks can be deceiving. Not all that glitters is gold. Some men have the looks but are wicked.
Women are also taken by sweet little nothings and become detached with reality.
Some men are experts at those words but their actions suggest the opposite. Just because he tells you those sweet nothings does not necessarily mean he is a good man.
Don’t fall in love with him because of his sweet words that will not make you happy. It can be dangerous and seriously deceiving.
Stop easily falling in love with such men. Sometimes what you love is what he does and not who he is. Note that he may be good at flattering you because he knows what women like and such men are sometimes players. A person can be well known for something and still have a wicked heart. Don’t date him because he is a celebrity.
Look for potential in a man and don’t go for already made men. It all begins from him being responsible and focused in life. Many women these days want to date well-to-do men and refuse to pay attention to their character. As you look at what he is financially worth, also look at his personality. Wealth does not guarantee complete happiness in a relationship.
Further, do not also be deceived by those men who are church-goers. Being active in church does not make one holy and of a good character. Some women think good men are found in church but that is not certain either.
It is very good to date and get married to a man at church but be careful and pay more attention to his character.
He might just be a hypocrite. Don’t be carried away by his work in church. For the fact that he is active in church does not mean that he will be a good husband.
Seriously take the time to search a man’s heart. Take your time and study him and be comfortable with his character. By their fruits you shall know them. Don’t be in a hurry to fall in love with him. Don’t be too quick to get emotionally attached to a man. Use your head and not your heart to know what is good for you. Use your discretion and don’t be desperate.
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