Who’s who in Lukashya race?

CAMPAIGNS in Lukashya have reached peak level in readiness for tomorrow’s parliamentary by-election that has attracted six candidates across the political divide.
With a total number of 55,188 registered voters, Lukashya is one of Zambia’s rural communities with nine wards, which include Musowa, Chiba, Lusenga, Chumba, Kupumalula and Mukanga. Others are Kapongolo, Lualuo and Chibundu.
Lukashya shares borders with Lubasenshi, Kasama Central, Kanchibiya and Lunte constituencies.
Like in many other rural constituencies, Lukashya residents face challenges of impassable feeder roads, lack of access to clean and safe water, limited access to schools and health infrastructure, among others.
Lukashya is among rural areas that are food-insecure, especially residents of Chimalilo who have continuously been hit by floods, thereby depending on the Government for relief food.
The Government has, however, been carrying out many developmental programmes in the area such as the construction of schools and health posts. Also under construction is Chilekwa Mwamba road and the Ntumpa Chimalilo road to enable farmers to easily transport farm produce to CLICK TO READ MORE

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