Who’s who for Born ‘n’ Bred?

THE nominees for this year’s Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Born ’n’ Bred awards have interesting names, although the nomination of dancehall artiste T-Sean for Best R‘n’B video would have raised some debates.
Obviously, the explanation would be that it is a particular song, Umoyo, for which he has received that nomination alongside B1 (Number One Fan), J2 (Lalala), Kaladoshas featuring Petersen (Cocoa Butter) and Urban Hype (Instagram).
Anyhow, there is lots of interesting names coming up against each other; Best Hip-hop Video has Slap D (Like That), Bobby East (Do or Die), Eddie Black (Where are You), Chef 187 (Ndafilwa Ukuicindika) and Ruff Khaida (Ka Chabe Chabe).
The Best Dance Hall video has Jay Rox (Joana), Milz (Touch the Road), Salma featuring Cactus (Non-Stop), T-Sean (Forever) and Njoya Tee (Shonongo Alatutuma).
Salma featuring Cactus (Non-stop) is also up against Mampi (Love Recipe), Franciar (Namiyewa), Kay Figo (Love Song) and Kachanana (Ndipita) for Best Female video.
Jay Rox (Auto Pilot), Slap D (Waumfwa), Macky II (So Much More), Abel Chungu (Forever) and Chef 187 (Ndafilwa Ukuicindika) are in the running for Best Male video.
The Best Traditional video has Newlex (Imonde), CG (Yala Loka), Mathew Tembo (Tisunge Ndalama), Tasila Mwale (Shekala Ku Mutima) and Vulchino (Sweet Honey), while the Best Conscious video has Wiggy Man (Born from a Woman), B Flow (Side Plate), Smooth G (Save the Children), Dalitso (Ndichiritseni) and Nathan Nyirenda (Mayo).
Best Collaboration video has Brisky featuring Kan2 (History), Chef 187 and Afunika (Kumalila Ng’oma), Mampi and Judy (Basazibe), Bobby East, Petersen and Izrael (Do or Die), Jae Roxa, Salma and Cleo (Ituntulu remix).
Kan2 (Mungeli), Nyemba (Yelele), Muso Meyers (Drinking Problem), Davaos (TV) and Ronnie (It’s Okay) are the nominees for Best Female Upcoming video.
Others are Tiye-P (Munjeleleko), Willz featuring Wezi (Toliwe), Koby featuring Slap D and B Mark (4), Jae Cash (Love You) and Kaladoshas featuring Petersen (Cocoa Butter), who are in the running for Best Male Upcoming video award.
Best Gospel video has Miracle by Fire (Ambuye Ngenani), Abel Chungu (Forever), Prophet Emmanuel (Too Much), Felix (Shilili) and Ben P (Square).
Best Foreign Rhythm Video has Ma Africa (Naturally), Future 101 (WhatsApp), Organised Family (Okada), Lloydee (Kabovelo) and Secret (Cibelo).
For the Best Zed video, Tommy D (Chibolya), B1 (Suti), Bryan (Wanga Wanga), Starface (Kumanda) and Willz featuring Wezi (Toliwe) are slugging out for honours.
With Cri$i$ (That’s the Way It Is), JK featuring Yemi Alade (Paduze), Theo (Lollapalooza), Roberto (AmaRulah) and Portia (Addiction) are competing for Best Zed Representing video.
The awards take place on July 17, 2015 at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

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