Letter to the Editor

Who’ll save us from insanity of bus drivers?

Dear editor,
DRIVING on Lusaka roads is now considered a dangerous undertaking even when one is careful to observe all traffic regulations.
This is because private motorists are at the mercy of bus drivers, who are so reckless and have no regard for other road users.
They dangerously cut in between cars with impunity.
Last week a bus driver just came from nowhere and hit into my car.
When interrogated, he claimed to have lost brakes when it was so clear that he was trying to cut in but misjudged.
Many people have been victims at the hands of these reckless drivers.
Why does it seem like there is no solution to this impunity on the roads? Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and police should rise to the challenge and bring this insanity to a stop.
We cannot allow these bus drivers to risk people’s lives with impunity.
Let RTSA and traffic police intensify patrols.
Those found wanting should have their licences withdrawn and in more severe cases imprisoned to send a strong message against would-be offenders.

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