Who will take Chifubu?

IN 1991, when the country returned to multi-party politics, Chifubu constituency in Ndola produced the first Vice-President, Levy Mwanawasa, who 10 years later became the country’s third President since independence.
With the vice-president now being a running mate of the President, there is no chance that any of the three candidates contesting the Chifubu seat will occupy the second highest office in Zambia after the August 11 general elections.
Chifubu, a constituency covering both the urban and peri-urban areas, is being contested by Patriotic Front (PF)’s Frank Ng’ambi, United Party for National Development (UPND)’s Lloyd Lobosha and Forum for Democratic and Development (FDD)’s Aaron Kaona.
All the three candidates are promising to improve the livelihood of the people of Chifubu.
Frank Ng’ambi – PF
The ruling party’s candidate is hoping that the electorate in Chifubu will present him with a perfect birthday gift on August 11 by sending him to Parliament as their representative. On election day, Mr Ng’ambi will turn 55.
On his part, he has pledged to mobilise US$10 million of investment for an industrial zone in Chifubu if elected. Mr Ng’ambi, who was educated and has lived in Ndola for most part of his life, is the proprietor of Fatmols chain of lodges in Lusaka and Ndola with an estimated investment portfolio of around US$5 million.
Styling himself as a community worker with a background as a Rotarian, Mr Ng’ambi feels he is the right man to serve the people of Chifubu constituency as he will bring with him a lot of passion.
Mr Ng’ambi’s political career can be traced to as far back as the UNIP days when he served as a 25-year-old councillor in Chifubu ward in 1988.
He is having a second run at the Chifubu seat after losing to Susan Kawandami of the PF when he contested on the MMD ticket in 2011.
Despite the loss, he says he never stopped doing community work, and it is the same spirit that he wants to continue with if elected as Member of Parliament (MP).
“When voted as MP, I want to lobby Government to prioritise the roads, health and education sectors in the area by constructing new roads, a general hospital and a secondary school,” he says.
Mr Ng’ambi also wants to see a private sector-driven industrial zone which will focus on creating chicken runs and adding value to copper so as to spur the manufacturing sector. These projects are intended to create 10,000 jobs for the youth and women.
To turn this into reality, he plans to mobilise US$10 million from local and international lenders for the project.
He feels the constituency needs a leader with political experience and corporate connections to be able to deliver what is required for the people of Chifubu.
Mr Ng’ambi believes he is such a man.
“I’m inspired by President Lungu because of his critical thinking and vision,” he says.
With his campaign message of ‘New thinking and new vision’, Mr Ng’ambi wants to lead a humble life which should benefit the people of Zambia.
Aaron Kaona – FDD
If elected, Mr Kaona wants to see the construction of another secondary school to cater for educational needs of the people of the vast constituency.
That is only one idea, though; he has other plans that include constructing a hospital, improving the water reticulation system, setting up a new filling station and the construction of township roads in the area.
Yet, that is not all; he has also pledged to ensure that plots within the constituency are fully serviced to create sanity in the area.
“There are a lot of issues that we want to implement in the area which are in line with our party manifesto, and together with the people who will guide us, we’ll implement these projects,” he says.
Mr Kaona, who is confident of winning the seat, says since childhood, he has had a passion to serve the people.
He was born in 1962 in Luanshya and attended primary school in Nakonde and Chililabombwe districts before heading to Chiwala Secondary School, which is also Dr Mwanawasa’s alma mater. After Chiwala, Mr Kaona underwent the Zambia National Service (ZNS) military training and is currently pursuing an advanced diploma in teaching at Mukuba University in Garneton, Kitwe, which is the former Copperbelt Secondary Teachers College.
Lloyd Lobosha – UPND
Popularly known as Five Star because of his Five Star Investment businesses in the area, Mr Lobosha jumped off the vessel after being left out of the adoption process by the PF, and is now facing the party he once served as constituency chairman.
Born and bred in Chifubu, Mr Lobosha says he knows and understands the needs of the people in the area and he is willing to attend to them regardless of political affiliation.
“My primary objective of going into politics was to serve the people of Chifubu,” says the 46-year-old former Zamtel College lecturer.
“I thought PF was a ticket I should have stood on to represent the people of Chifubu but still I should not kill my dream of serving my people. I know the problems that the people of Chifubu face and I feel I’m the right person to be in the driving seat of the constituency.”
Confident of winning with an 80 percent margin, he has promised to lobby for the upgrading of the Kaniki Health Post into a mini-hospital so that it can have a mortuary to cater for the community instead of going all the way to the main hospital in town. Mr Lobosha also wants a secondary school built in the constituency.
Further, he has pledged to ensure that farm inputs for farmers in the Kaniki farm block are delivered on time during the farming season.
He is concerned about the state of the roads in Chifubu.
“Most of the roads in areas such as Pamodzi and Nkwazi Overspill are in bad condition, especially in the rainy season. So what I intend to do is to improve the road network in the constituency,” he says.
Mr Lobosha, who practises accountancy privately, did an accountancy and business studies certificate course and later a diploma in accountancy at Northern Technical College in Ndola, after which he lectured for 15 years at Zamtel College.
Yes, promises have been made, but now it is up to the 42,839 registered voters in Chifubu constituency to decide who their MP becomes come August 11.

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