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Who let Livingstone dogs out?

IN ITS quest to minimise the risk of rabies, the Livingstone City Council (LCC), in conjunction with officers from Zambia Police Service, occasionally raid the townships to rid them of stray, unconfined and unregistered dogs.
According to LCC, the tourist capital has over 3,000 dogs, but only a paltry 182 are registered and vaccinated, as of May 18.
They get rid of the hounds by gunning them down, a practice that does not sit well with Lynne Mandelsohn.
But who is she? One may ask.
Ms Mandelsohn is a youthful-looking 53-year-old Scottish-born dog lover, who came to Livingstone from the United Kingdom in 2008.
Ideally, a person who dedicates much of her time protecting animals would be expected to have some kind of training in animals or anything related to livestock. But no, that is not Ms Mandelsohn’s story.
In fact, she is a trained lawyer and political analyst.
“I was lucky enough to go to a great high school in England where I also CLICK TO READ MORE