Who gets what among actors?

FILE: The cast of Chingola Arts Society (CAS) in a play titled 'Breaking Pot' at the Lusaka Playhouse.

THE National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia (NATAAZ) is this evening expected to hold the 2017 National Theatre Arts Awards at Cresta Golfview Hotel in Lusaka.

The winners will be drawn from the shortlist that was produced after the Nataaz senior performing festival that was held in Ndola two months ago.
Nominees for Best Production are Natives (Africa Directions), Makololo (Tapezha Theatre) and Wife & Maid (ZANASE) while Best Actor has Clive G. Nyirenda (Dr Job – Natives), Jerome Mumba (Jerome Nyoni – Saints & Sinners) and Moses Mtonga (Teacher Chaambalo – Makololo).
Best Actress has Maureen Banda (Welani- Wife & Maid), Josephine Tembo (Chawezi – Makololo), Blessings Ngwisha (Sibongile – Veil of Pain), while Moses Bwali (Mizinga – Wife & Maid), Kapingula Musinga (Dr Mpondamatiki – Natives) and Taonga Tembo (as garden boy – Dead Roots by NAPSA) are competing for Best Supporting Actor.
For Best Supporting Actress, there is Mercy Wapamesa (maid in Wife & Maid), Samaria Munsaka (Maya – Saints & Sinners) and Helen Kaumba (Mrs Gondwe -Veil of Pain) while Best Director has Lee Senford (Kabongo – Makololo), Eric Kasomo Jr (Natives) and Milton Chipipa (Wife & Maid).
Natives (Eric Kasomo Jr), Dead Roots (Chela Chilala) and Wife & Maid (Joemwa Mtsinje Mwale) are vying for the Best Script while the Best Cameo has Chiko Nkamu (Makololo), Violet Sakala (Natives) and Frank Ngoma (Saints & Sinners).
The Best Set has Dead Roots (NAPSA), Natives (Africa Directions) and Makololo (Tapezha), while Best Costume has Natives, Saints & Sinners and Dead Roots.
Chingola Arts Society (CAS), Dead Roots by NAPSA and Where is the Love? by Matero Theatre and Media Arts are competing for Best Light, while Best Sound has Natives, Saints & Sinners and Wife & Maid.
The nominees for Best Stage Managers are Africa Directions, ZANASE and CAS.

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