Letter to the Editor

Who benefits from Intercity hooliganism?

Dear editor,
WHO is in charge of planning at Intercity Bus Terminus?Five physical security guys were criticising a gentle motorist for parking his car near a bus, to offload his mother’s luggage.
Where did they expect him to offload if not next to the bus his old lady was getting on?
He was not blocking any traffic but the way they swarmed him and tugged at him was as if he had offended the gods.
This man is not a taxi-guy for heaven’s sake.
And this was at 04:45 hours on a Monday and nobody came to his aid as his poor old mum helplessly pleaded with these hooligans, who only let him off after she parted with a few Kwacha notes.
I am disgusted at such behaviour.
What sort of public relations with travellers is this?
Where is the Lusaka City Council, which runs this station?

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