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Which products fall under compulsory standards?

ZAMBIA Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is your national standards body, established by an Act of Parliament, Cap 416 of the Laws of Zambia.
Our mandate is to develop national standards and ensure that they are implemented and to also conduct quality assurance and calibration or standardisation of measuring instruments or (metrology) activities.
I know that there is one perception that is out there though, the belief that ZABS regulates every product that is imported into the country as well as those manufactured within. The answer is NO.
The answer is no because ZABS is not in charge of enforcing all standards. ZABS is in charge of enforcing only compulsory standards. There are over 2,000 standards in Zambia of which currently there are 50 compulsory standards.
Voluntary standards cannot be enforced by regulation while non-compliance to compulsory standards is a crime under the laws of Zambia. I thought, therefore, that today I should make available to you, dear reader, a list of products that fall under compulsory standards.
If you are a manufacturer or importer or a start-up company for that matter, make sure that you visit ZABS to learn more about the specifications, characteristics and requirements of the product that you are dealing in so that you adhere to set standards.
The author is head of marketing and public relations
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