Letter to the Editor

Where’ve the bins gone in Lusaka’s CBD?

Dear editor,
AT THE height of the cholera outbreak in December 2017, corporates were jostling to be seen to be helping in the fight.
Nothing wrong with that, after all, it is part of their corporate social responsibility.
One of the commendable things that the corporates did was to donate rubbish bins which were placed in selected parts of the central business district in Lusaka.
Some of these garbage bins were painted in corporate colours.
Although not a big fan of these cosmetic efforts by the corporate world to be seen to be doing something (I genuinely believe there is a lot more that they can do), I must say they added some beauty and sanity to the city.
This was after a thorough clean-up exercise of the city in which President Edgar Lungu had to directed military personnel in December 2017 to help.
This was at the height of the cholera outbreak. President Lungu had directed the military to help fight the spread of cholera under emergency measures to contain the waterborne disease.
The joint operations of the defence and security personnel did help to restore order in a city which was forced to close markets and schools as a result of cholera, which is spread by ingesting faecal matter and causes acute watery diarrhoea. Of course cholera can be treated with oral rehydration solution but the disease spreads rapidly and can kill within hours if not treated. But the best option is obviously prevention.
One would have thought lessons had been learnt from that cholera experience. But clearly that is not the case. The garbage bins that were dotted round the city are no longer there. Only a few have remained. Where have the rest gone to? Surely as a city, can fail to take care of garbage bins? This is disappointing to say the least. With the garbage bins gone, the central business district is being littered anyhow. This is unacceptable. Soon we will have the rains and the threat of cholera will not be that far.
Can those in charge of waste in the city ensure that there are garbage bins in the city please!

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