Where’s my Noah?

A KITWE resident has demanded an explanation from the police over the mysterious disappearance of his vehicle worth K65,000 from the Central police station where it was parked after being impounded.
And the provincial police command has warned of stern disciplinary action against any officer involved in the disappearance of the vehicle.
Tobias Mulyata said his Toyota Noah registration number BCA 4291, which was being driven by his driver, Ackim Nguvu, was impounded on September 29, 2016 allegedly for obstruction.
Mr Mulyata, a resident of Wusakile Township, said in an interview in Kitwe this week the disappearance of his vehicle would not go unchallenged.
“If the vehicle can disappear just like that it means the system is porous. They are being protective. The officer who impounded that vehicle should have been jointly charged with my driver,” Mr Mulyata said.
He said he used part of his terminal benefits to buy the vehicle.
Mr Mulyata said it was strange that the vehicle disappeared while it was in police custody.
And Mr Nguvu, from whom the vehicle was impounded, said he did not find it the following day when he went to pay the fine which the police demanded.
“Instead, they locked me up for 12 days for alleged theft by conversion,” he said.
Copperbelt commissioner of police Charity Katanga warned that should any officer be found to have been involved in any wrong doing concerning the disappearance of the vehicle he or she would face stern disciplinary action.
Mrs Katanga said investigations into the disappearance of the Toyota Noah have not yielded any results so far.
“The case regarding the mysterious disappearance of the vehicle in question is still active. The vehicle is yet to be recovered but a docket was opened. I must state that whoever will be found to have a hand in it will face the wrath of the law,” she said.
Mrs Katanga appealed to traffic police officers to be careful whenever they impound vehicles from erring motorists.
She said the officers should ensure people with spare keys do not sneak their vehicles out of police stations.
Mrs Katanga denied accusations that the police command is shielding some of its officers in the matter.
She said Mr Mulyata is free to take any action if he is unhappy with the manner in which the command is handling the matter.

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