Where is Ntumbachushi Falls?

Ntumbachushi Falls is situated on the Ng'ona River just 1.3km off the main road to Kawambwa district.

THE Lunda Royal Establishment in Luapula Province has clarified that Ntumbachushi Falls has never been in Kawambwa district but is situated in

Mwansabombwe district.
The royal establishment said Ntumbachushi, which has a series of water pools and rapids culminating into the main falls about 30 metres high on the Ng’ona River, has never been in Kawambwa since time immemorial.
Chief Mwata Kazembe’s spokesperson Peter Chanshi said in a statement yesterday said that Ntumbachushi has since independence been in Mwansabombwe in Mwata Kazembe’s chiefdom.
Mr Chanshi is concerned about the continued “perception and utterances” that the waterfall is in Kawambwa when in fact not.
“When the late President Michael Chilufya Sata declared Mwansabombwe district to be on its own [in 2012], a meeting was convened by Honourable Benson Kapaya, who was at that time the Luapula Province minister. Councillors from Mwansabombwe and Kawambwa were present.
“It was at that meeting where Ntumbachushi Falls was agreed upon to be under Mwata Kazembe in Mwansabombwe district,” Mr Chanshi said.
He said Mwansabombwe District Council erected a ‘welcome billboard’ near the location of the falls but it was uprooted by people opposed to the fact that the waterfall is in Mwansabombwe.
“Early this year, a man trading from there [near uprooted billboard] was asked under whose authority he was conducting his business and he said it was under Kawambwa Rural Council.
“It was against this backdrop that the establishment early this year wrote the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata but we have not yet secured an appointment with her,” Mr Chanshi said.
He said the establishment will seek other avenues to ensure that the issues surrounding the location of Ntumbachushi Falls are addressed.

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