Letter to the Editor

When will KCM boss address Rangers, Blades issues?

Dear editor,
KONKOLA Copper Mines chief executive officer Steven Din brings out pertinent emerging issues in his weekly column ‘The Zambian Advantage’ published in the Zambia Daily Mail every Wednesday.

It would be prudent for Mr Din to use the same column to share KCM’s vision for its football clubs, Nchanga Rangers and Konkola Blades, which are both campaigning in the Super Division.
Football contributes to copper production on the Copperbelt because it is a tool for social cohesion. When mine teams win, morale among miners is also high and production goes up.
KCM should take an interest in the two clubs as they bear its face and under-funding them puts the mining giant in bad light.
The sponsorship of the two clubs is also a Zambian advantage.

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